Monday, May 10, 2010

Stephen and Laurel

This is Stephen and Laurel. They got married a while ago too. But don't worry, they've had their pictures for a LONG time.
I did their bridals out around SaltAir.

I did Laurel's bridals at the State Capitol Building. Ah great, i can't remember if it's Capitol or Capital... i remember that one is always and only a building, and the other is everything else. Hmmm... Aha! Looked it up, capitOL is always the physical building. So we took pictures in Utah's capital in the state capitol building. Look, i even remembered it correctly the first time!

Anyway, i had never done pictures before at the capitol. Turns out you have to fill out a little form and get it approved beforehand, but it was very simple and only $10. Which when compared to the crazy fees at Red Butte and Thanksgiving Point is VERY reasonable. We ended up having the place to ourselves and the light was perfect. i thought it was a great place for bridals and I'm excited to work there again.

Stephen and Laurel had their wedding ceremony at Solitude Ski Resort at Kimi's (a mountainside bistro). It was a really cool location and another fun first!


princess jen said...

I loved Laurel's photos the first time I saw them and I love them again. You did a fabulous job with her wedding!! You are incredible. I love you!

Super Daysh said...

Those are really pretty pics. She looks like a princess at the Capital building. Very cool! It made me cold looking at her pics in her dress...with the snow all around. Crazy girl. :)

Mythreesons said...

Wow! I never saw those. She's beautiful and those are some of my favorite engagements ever. The ones with the long grasses turned out beautiful. And I love the Capitol location... never occurred to me. Looks good!

Alan J. said...

i had never thought of the capitol either. But i love it, i wish more brides would want to shoot there - especially when it's cold. And all those pretty long grasses, apparently they all burned down a few months back! Doh! Now where will i go?