Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Christmas 09

As far as Christmas pictures go i know these aren't the stereotypical ones. No tree, or presents, or gift wrap. Just some pictures i took around Christmas before Jen and the kids left for Alaska.

This was probably Aaron's favorite present. He rode it around the hosue non-stop before they left.

Uh, no, that's not my smoke detector with the battery compartment obviously open and empty. Doh! At least Aaron is cute, right?

And here are some pictures of Ellie being all cute and drooly.


princess jen said...

Those are some great photos of the kids! Christmas seems so far away now.... I can't wait to show Aaron the picture of his motorcycle. I know he'll be super excited to ride it again.

Super Daysh said...

I thought I just left you a comment, but then I went to look again, and it was gone. So sad! Oh well. I was just telling you how stinkin' adorable that last little girl is. She is sooooo cute!? Who'se kid is that! She must have really cute parents... oh wait...that's me! tee hee hee. No worries, your kids are cute too. :)

Mythreesons said...

Geesh. I had no idea you had done all this posting. Now I feel bad and have to go through and catch up. I love those pics of Ellie and Caden loves that little motorcycle, too. I'm so glad you found those. We should bring them up to Big Bear so the kids can go on a "ride" too. hee hee