Friday, April 3, 2009

More Birthdays...

Last weekend we got to celebrate Drew's birthday with his family and friends. I'm pretty sure they only meant to invite Jen and the kids, so to make up for being a birthday party crasher (hello, they had root beer floats, of course i was going to crash the party) i decided to snap some photos during the party. Plus i really wanted to test out my new lens: a Canon L series lens (i get the goosebumps just writing that): the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L IS USM. Uh, i'd appreciate if you did NOT do a price search on that particular lens though - i don't really want to get mugged for my lens. And yes, i did have to raise my prices to make up for that particular lens. But it's WORTH it! Well, at least i think so. (But i bet my clients will appreciate it too).
Here's the birthday boy himself, Drew, the captain of our airplane-themed party. Jen and I have known his parents since we were both beginning our families back in Taylorsville. His parents, i might add, did a GREAT job setting up the party, activities and refreshments (remember, root beer floats). And all the kids really seemed to have a great time.

This is Ana, Drew's little sister and i think is the cutest little girl! And she cracks me up too.

I don't actually remember who this is, but i thought he was pretty cute too.

Hey, i know him! He's cute too, the cutEST as a matter-of-fact! Although i'm not too sure about his pose or airplane throwing technique. And what the?! What is that circle sticker he's wearing? Everyone is wearing one. I wonder if that's how they got the party favors, no wonder i didn't get one. Dang sticker!

Here's the birthday boy again. And see, he's got one of those stickers too!

I know her too. Although according to Jen you wouldn't know it. Apparently she was displeased at the low volume of Anya pictures in my previous blogs. So look, here she is, i DO know her and i DO like her! And i'd like to add HER airplane throwing technique is VERY good.

And here's a cute dog who followed me around the party eating all the food i kept dropping on the floor. It beats sweeping.