Saturday, September 5, 2009

Still the same slacker...

Here are the pics i'm thinking about turning in for the fair - go figure, they're due in the next hour or so. Waited until the last minute - again.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I know, i know: you thought blogger had deactivated this blog due to a lack of activity. And yes, i also know that lately, every blogpost of mine has started like that. Sorry.
This is my beautiful little niece Gwyneth. By the way, if i spelled her name wrong it's Jen's fault.

Of course, these pictures were taken back in April (he he, sorry), so she's not really this little anymore - but she's still just as cute!

Marti, Gwyneth's mom, my (step) sister, had her birthday party yesterday and i wanted to blow up one of these shots for her gift. Unfortunately, a variety of computer/software problems (and, i'm sure, procrastination) prevented me from getting this accomplished in time.

So instead, i'm posting them here so Marti and Andrew can tell me which one/s they like best so i can get them printed.

In other news, if you haven't noticed by my lack of posts, it's been a busy summer. Trips, weddings, and life in general have done a pretty good job of keeping my busy. So it's not that i don't have any pictures to share, on the contrary, i have LOTS and LOTS of pictures to share, just very little time to actually choose my favorites and post them here.

However, i do think i'm (finally) starting to get caught up. Phew! So check back soon and i'll (hopefully) have some more pictures for your viewing pleasure! And don't forget, you can also always check my (lame) website for updates, i actually post pictures there very regularly.