Thursday, May 13, 2010

GeorgeGiving 2009

Last Thanksgiving (don't you love my catch-up posts?) my family headed to St. George to celebrate. As in past years, we headed down a week early to accommodate various work schedules (okay fine, mine) and to make it easier for everyone to celebrate with their in-laws later. Most of us stayed in our condo in St. George and had a great time! Here's a sampling of some of the photos... One of the days we headed out to Snow Canyon to take some family photos. Of course being Johnsons, we left too late and were losing light FAST. And me being me, i forgot my tripod - that was also a pain. Doh! This is a silhouette picture i took of everyone, next time we'll have people take off their coats.

Here's Emily's cute family. Keep in mind i actually uploaded these pictures well over a month ago, possibly two months ago. So if some pictures are missing, it's not because i don't like you, just because, well, i don't actually remember. But i think i did Alysia's family in an older post. Why aren't any of my family here? Because i looked goofy (well, goofier than usual) - and since it's my blog, i don't have to show them to you. Neener neener!

Here's Caden - Emily wanted him to do something cute. i can't remember if he ever did it or not, but he's still cute.

Alright, here's my concession, a family picture with me in it (like you care). Now look at everyone in the picture, can you tell why i don't like it? Who looks the fattest in the picture? Yeah, me. What's up with that?

Dacia and Joe and super cutie-pie Ellie!

My dad, Karen and Rachel. I love Rachel's little "i'll humor you only so long" smile.

While we were down there everyone (except for me, i was on kid-duty) registered for a race. I think it must have been a 5k. The kids also ran in a MUCH shorter race (like around the block or something). Here's Aaron - i'm not sure if he's actually running, but he's cute!

Here's Anya, now SHE's running! And she's super cute too!

Look at all these cute kids! Ellie's just as cute today as she was then!

Now THAT's running! Look at him go!

The start. Look at that enthusiasm! i find the high percentage of tongues sticking out to be amusing. Maybe i'll have to try that to go faster too...

When all the adults wanted to play games this is who we let watch the kids. What would we do without TV and DVDs?

Here's a sampling of some of the SUPER yummy foods that were prepared. Besides being able to be with my family and play games and stuff, the food my family makes is my favorite part of Thanksgiving.

Aaron obviously enjoys the food too!

Not so environmentally responsible, but VERY easy clean-up.

One of my sisters, i think it was Dacia, thought the kids would have fun making these yummy pretzels. And boy did they! I think the most oft-repeated phrase to the kids was to wash their hands after every time they'd put their fingers in or near their mouths to eat some of the M&Ms. But they really had a lot of fun, and they tasted really good too (the pretzels, not the kids)!

One afternoon a few of use decided to take some of the kids out hiking in Zion National Park. A hike i fondly remember doing with my grandfather was out to the Emerald Pools, so that's where we headed with the kids. And wouldn't you know, they ALL made it! And i think they had a good time too!

This is all the kids (except Ellie) at the Upper Emerald Pool.

Anya and Jaxon found some cool little tunnels and rock formations on the way up.

Oopsie, this picture is supposed to be first. This is all the kids (including Ellie) at the start of the hike. You might even be able to see Dacia back there too.

A rousing game of Scotland Yard!

And here's another craft/treat the kids made with Emily - turkey cookies. i think maybe they used their hands as the turkey outlines. The kids loved it.

As always, the trip was a blast and i know i had a lot of fun and think everyone else did too. Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. Family, fun, games, hiking, and great food - what more could you ask for? Until next year! (For the next Thanksgiving post, not my next blog post, although you never know...)


princess jen said...

I think you didn't include our family because I was in the picture too... punk ;) I like all the fun candids you got though!! I'm glad you're doing better with posts on your blog. I can't wait to see you!!

The Andersens said...

i love thanksgiving with our family!! it is so fun! good food, awesome company, fun games, gorgeous hikes! so fun!
love those pictures....
although...i don't see a single one of MY baby!!! what's with that?!! she's cute! ;)
love love love those running pictures too...jaxon is like zoolander male model runner...
and i love anya's little tongue hangin' out! so funny. i bet it DOES make you go faster. :)
love you alan! awesome pictures!

Mythreesons said...

I'm so glad you got all those pictures of the 5K. It was sooo much fun. I hope we do another one this year. That was a really fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. Our condo location was perfect and it's getting so fun now that the kids are more self sufficient and can do fun crafts. Can't wait for this year!