Monday, May 24, 2010

Temple Trip

Dacia decided she wanted to go hike to a waterfall a little while back. Never being one to turn down a hike i was more than happy to go along. First, however, Dacia wanted to swing by Temple Square to get a particular picture of the temple. So i went a picked up Topher and Grace (because they and Alysia wanted to go hiking too) and met Dacia (and later Alysia) at Temple Square.

The flowers were all VERY nice!

No, not nice like that, although i'm sure that, if they could, they (the flowers) would only have had the nicest things to say.

Now, you all know that i've never been one to prefer posting less pictures than more. And normally i would LOVE to post ALL of these photos of Ellie, but hey, i didn't want to make my own kids jealous. So i opted for a little collage instead. But it should still be very obvious that Ellie is SUPER cute! i just loved all her little expressions.

And here are some more flower pictures from Temple Square...

Little Grace-asaurus wore her self out, but she was super cute too!

I think this is the closest i got to the picture that Dacia was looking for with the temple framed behind the tree blossoms. Unfortunately, i think the recent rains and storms may have made most of the tree blossoms fall off - doh. But it was still pretty anyway.

Well, we took so long taking pictures at the temple that no one was up for hiking anymore afterwards. Well, that and apparently they were all going down to Capital Reef for the weekend - yes, without me! But i guess i had to work anyways... I was going to the Real soccer game later that night and still had some time to kill so i decided to go "hiking" by myself.

Yeah, it wasn't really a "hike". This is Hidden Falls in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The trailhead is located at the upper parking lot at the 'S' Curve in Big Cottonwood. And it's maybe a 100 yard walk, if that. The only "obstacle" is crossing the stream to get better views.

With it being partly cloudy it was the perfect light for longer waterfall shots. It actually is really pretty back there. You can actually walk all the way up to the base of the falls but your feet will get wet, so plan on that.

This is how i crossed the stream, on the fallen log. It doesn't look that bad, but once you're up there and carrying all of your camera gear, it's a little tricky! Go figure on the way back i realized i could walk across the smaller log below the bigger log just as easily - MORE easily. Maybe next time, but it's much more exciting to go across the BIG log!


princess jen said...

Gorgeous photos!!! I love the temple and you did a great job photographing it. The flowers frame it so nicely. I think it will be fun to go back in a few weeks and play in the reflecting pool again--remember when Anya and Jaxon were little and got totally soaked?

Mythreesons said...

Those flower photos are stunning! Especially the close-ups. Those are some of the most vibrantly colored and sharp photos I have ever seen. They're beautiful.

I totally remember our afternoon at the reflecting pools! And feeling bad that my kids were being so irreverent on the temple grounds. Oh well. Made for some fun memories.

The falls pictures are beautiful, too!

Lady of the Rings said...

Wow what amazing pictures again. Alan, you have a gift. I want a big one of the temple with all the flowers and/or the one with the pink blossoms. I miss coming on all those outings with you guys. I do remember the one when the little kids all played in the reflecting pool and Jen got hand-shaped wetspots all over her t-shirt.

Rachel's Mommy said...

Not all the pictures uploaded for me, but the ones I saw were great. I too love the flower close-ups--you really are a great photographer. Thanks for sharing your stuff!

Super Daysh said...

Love, love, love, love all those pics!! They turned out so pretty. And not I want to go do the falls with you so I can get some cool pics. I need to go out with you so I can get a photo lesson with my new camera. I LOVE the pics of Ellie!! I want them all!! She is SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!!!! I just can't say it quietly, cause she is!!! SO CUTE!! Thanks for taking all those pics for me. I really want a copy of all the ones from the temple please. Yours turned out WAY better than mine (go figure...) Oh and I want the pics from Ellie's birthday party, please, with a cherry on top. :)

Bug said...

i thought i had left a comment on this already...but looking at it again...i see that i didn't. whoops.
i did actually look at this post the day you posted it and i liked it a lot. your flower pics are gorgeous. and i also want that beautiful pic of the temple and the flowers. so so pretty.
your waterfalls are gorgeous. you are so talented.
and yes, of course ellie is always cute.
love you alan. you're amazing!

cuenta nomina said...

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Amelia said...

Hi Alan J.

You don't know me, however i was doing a search for pictures of the SLC Temple and came across your blog.

This is where my parents were married years ago and I was wanting to make a large clock with the SLC Temple in the back ground.

Would it be possible for you to e-mail me a copy of the picture you have posted so I can print it off really large? The picture is perfect!

If so my e-mail is

I am working on a low budget but if you have paypal I could pay you some.

Either way. I appreciate your time and all your pictures are stunning.