Sunday, May 4, 2008

Woohoo for... Easter

So yeah, these pictures are from this past Easter. As if you didn't already know i was a slacker...

We all went over to my dad's house for the easter festivities and then took some pictures that morning before church. These are my sister's cute boys.

Do you like our props? That's a lightsaber.

Nothing like a good nose-pick. I have, like, 15 pictures with his finger up there. He sure thought it was funny.

One of our other props was a ball, which you can see Gavin is ready to catch. Everyone says to use props, and this is what i get. i tell ya!

Here's cute little Rachel and family. Doesn't everyone look so nice for the pictures.

Of course, i saved the best for last - Anya and Aaron, and Jennifer too (but not Joe and Dacia, they're great and all, but you know, not "the best").

Happy late Easter!