Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First Things First

If you've gotten to this page it's undoubtedly because i'm a genius and gave you the wrong address to my blog. Yep, that's right - i printed a bunch of cards and put the wrong internet address on it for my blog. This is my first (and very boring) post, i like to think it got better later. Go here instead for my latest, albeit still very old posts: http://alanjphoto.blogspot.com. I've been browsing various photography blogs in my spare time and thought it was time i started one myself. Granted, i have no idea what i'm doing so this first post might be a little short. Also, the point of a blog seems to be able to show the world what you're up to, which means someone would have to look at it and i don't necessarily see that happening. But once i get the feel for this i'll try to start posting some photos, etc. - just in case someone stumbles across the site.