Sunday, March 29, 2009

Las Vegas: Sunday Dinner

One of my favorite parts of going to Vegas is having a delicious meal organized by Emily. Don't get me wrong, Jen is a great cook too. But whenever we all get together Emily will typically prepare at least one big meal and it never disappoints. Sunday night was no different.
Before church we started by washing and baking potatoes (this is where i got to help, apparently nobody thinks i can mess this part up - how little do they know...). I also then helped scoop the baked insides of the potatoes out so Emily could mix them up for twice baked potatoes... mmmm... just thinking about them makes me hungry again. I LOVE twice baked potatoes!

Of course we have to throw something healthy in there for appearances... (They were actually pretty good too!

Maybe these were jalepeno poppers or something, i don't remember. But they were go-od! They weren't spicey at all either, which is good because generally i prefer gringo salsa (ketchup).

Don't they look so super delicious?

And of course Jared, the master griller, grilled up some delicious chicken for dinner. It was perfect! I like to think it's because he has a cool little remote temperate gizmo, that's what i need, then i can be an awesome griller too (in my dreams, i know).

You gotta have A1, i mean, c'mon, that's just obvious...

Notice the A1 is before the utensils. if it came to choosing between A1 and utensils, well, that's not even a difficult choice - of course the A1.

And here's the master chef herself. If she looks a little mad it's because she probably is - she knows i'm going to eat all the non-edge brownies the next day (not that day, because i was too full by the time it came to brownie-time).

These brownies were SO good! I need to get the recipe or something. Although apparently you're not supposed to eat all the non-edge brownies whilst leaving the edges - who knew?

And after dinner we got to play Settlers of Catan with the Cities and Nights and Seafarers expansions. It was pretty fun (even if i didn't win). Jared was the champion for the evening. And it doesn't seem like that game took forever - although i think we still played until close to midnight.


princess jen said...

All these photos are AWESOME! I love the detail that you capture and how crisp the images are. You are my favorite photographer!

Mythreesons said...

I LOVE that lens. Seriously, coolest pictures ever. They make my food look incredibly tasty, if I say so myself... I want to add them to the food blog.

Mythreesons said...

Oh, and that lens makes everything so pretty. My skin looks nearly flawless and it even made my dirty, water stained utensils look all pretty. Nice!

Kari said...

Great, now I'm hungry. Great picture of Emily!

The Andersens said...

those are such cool pictures! i want that lens.
it makes everything look so much prettier!!! (emily not included, because she already IS that beautiful....i didn't want her to take what i said the wrong way!!)
cool cool pix
i lIKE em

Super Daysh said...

Great pics! Love them! And yes, that food did look scrump-diddly-umptious! And no, you don't eat all the insides of the brownies and leave the edges. geesh. :)

rodent said...

Fun pictures! Macro is fun. :) That food does look amazing. I think I need to take another trip to visit Emily. Oh, and if I'm there you can eat all the inside brownies - I really like the edges.