Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Las Vegas: Joe & Grace's Birthday Party

We left Vegas just in time on Monday to get to my dad's place in time for Joe and Grace's combined birthday party. One of them was turning 1 and the other, i don't know. But i am fairly certain it was Grace who turned 1, but you can never be sure. And actually we weren't really "on time," everyone else was just late so it seemed like we were on time. But i'm glad we made it.
Grace was being hilarious, she was making the funniest faces. Of course, as soon as i got the camera out she stopped making those faces or at least she waited until after the shutter had closed to make the silly face, but she was cute anyway. I think this first one is the cutest one.

This is probably as close as i got to capturing the funny face in its latter stages.

I'm sure Joe will be flattered that this is the best picture i got of him. But i say, hey, it's his own fault.

And here's Grace enjoying one of her new birthday presents.

Happy Belated Birthday Joe and Grace!


Super Daysh said...

That little Gracey is so darn cute!! You forgot to mention the cute fairy wings she's wearing! They help with the cute faces. ;) And yes, the older, more hairy dude is a silly gooburr. I'll keep him though! I'm glad you guys could make it...even if you didn't bring anyone a present. ;)

princess jen said...

What awesome new photos from my awesome hubby! I love all how these portraits are turning out! Maybe I'll hire you again for more family pictures....