Saturday, March 28, 2009

Las Vegas: Random Portraits

Before leaving for Vegas i got a new camera and of course had to bring it with to try it out on unsuspecting family members (or are they suspecting by now? They probably should be). Anyway, here are some random portraits from Vegas, enjoy.
Yeah, i know, this isn't really a portrait. But i didn't know where else to put it. Emily decided it would be fun to go out to Red Rock and hike to what a week or so previously had been a really cool waterfall. Go figure by the time we got there the waterfall was more a watertrickle. No, not because it took us so long to hike there, just because it's Vegas and the temperatures had already been in the 80ies for long enough to dry it out. But it was a fun hike anyway.

Ah, my son. How i love that he won't hold still or make a real, non-squinting smile when i try to take a picture... Yeah, i'm just kidding. i don't love that all. i frequently ask myself, "self, why couldn't i have kids who actually like to be photographed enough to hold still for longer than two seconds and make a non-silly face?" Probably has something to do with the faces i made as a youth in similar pictures. Don't ask my mom. But he's cute anyway.

Here's Caden, he's super cute too. And look, that's a good smile with no squinty eyes. Caden was super cute the whole time we were down there. Always ready to cuddle or play, or just have fun. i miss him already.

i don't remember why he was crying, but i wanted to catch the little tear running down his cheek. (No, he was not crying because of me. Well actually, i don't remember, maybe he was).

These are some birthday portraits i took of Gavin. What a handsome little boy! And can you believe he actually held still for a few pictures?

Hey look, it's Jaxon! i thought these pictures were kind of funny. In the last one i can't tell if he looks mad. He wasn't, but the squintly little eye and squished cheek...

I know i should know her from somewhere... She's cute too.


princess jen said...

That's a really good photo of me!! I like it a lot. I actually like ALL these photos! Those ones of Aaron are great... but I do have one question--did you take any portraits of Anya?

Super Daysh said...

Love the portraits too! You need to be brushing up (or maybe just starting) on your infant pics. I have a book that I got that I want to try all the pics in in and I found a lady's site who I want to take pics for me...but 300 bucks is a little steep. See what you can work on in a month, k? ;)

Mythreesons said...

Great pic of Jen. You look gorgeous, Jen! And I love the shots of my cute kids... more pictures to add to my collection. Thanks for posting them Alan!

The Andersens said...

awesome portraits! i love em'!
you are really good at little kid shots i think. you caught some really perfect faces on all the boys.