Monday, April 28, 2008


I got to visit Grace a couple of times last week and thought i'd share some of the pics.

I didn't actually put pictures from the same visit together, but on the first day, although Grace still had some tubes in her nose, she was so alert and happy! It was amazing. She was so beautiful. And it was really nice being able to interact with her.

The second time i visited was with Anya and Aaron. Unfortunately, it was rather late and i needed to get the kids to bed so we weren't able to stay all that long. And although Grace had no tubes this time, it was her first night out of the PICU and she started getting a little fussy as we were getting ready to leave.

Of course Anya and Aaron were thrilled to visit with Grace. Aaron wanted to rock the little bouncy chair and Anya just wanted to stand there and look at her. Actually, she wanted to hold her hand and give her a kiss, but we told her she could kiss Grace's cute little feet instead. She seemed okay with that.

While no one ever tells me anything, i hear that Topher and Alysia might actually be able to take her home soon. And while i'm sure everyone's excited, i can imagine a little bit of terror and stressed mixed in. Heck, i was terrified to take home a perfectly healthy baby! (I still can't believe no one stopped me)! So i'm sure the extra prayers in behalf of little grace and her parents will continue to be appreciated.

Ya know... If i can get my sisters to keep having regularly spaced babies maybe i can placate my kids and Jennifer with other people's babies. Or it could just backfire and Jen will want more kids now. Doh!

Hopefully, now that i've posted some more pictures of Grace i'll be allowed to visit again. Hopefully Emily doesn't get any ideas, she might not let me visit either until i post some pictures of her famiy.


Alan J said...

You're the best big brother ever!

Alan J said...

i know, i know.

princess jen said...

You take amazing pictures my cute treaty-sweetie. Grace is such a darling baby and you did a great job catching her sweet spirit. I wish the pictures of Aaron and Anya with Gracey turned out. I love you!!

The Andersens said...

you're the bestest!! i LOVE them. and i'm excited to see all the other're going to give me a disc right??? i really love them. you did an awesome job. thank you so much for doing that for us. :)

Super Daysh said...

Those are way cute Alan! Great job. Now just get me some of just Gracey without the tubes so I can make her baby announcement. ;)

Sara & Company said...

Those are absolutely priceless! My heart is just melting.

b3tandwr said...

You saved the best one for last. I love that last photo. Topher's hand looks like he eats a lot of carrots! You are going to have to come share some of your skils with me. These all look fantastic. Amazing considering they were all taken indoors in a hospital. Speaks to your mad photo taking skills.