Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Byingtons (Reloaded)

Day two with the Byingtons... After church and all that on Easter Sunday we headed over to the Byingtons to take some more pics of the baby in an environment a little more conducive to the creation of baby smiles, or at least not so conducive to unhappy babies.

They had some large west-facing windows that let in the setting sun and really provided some great light. (Incidentally, other than open shade, cloudy days and a dedicated portrait studio, light coming through windows like this provides some of the best portrait lighting).

Kaia Avi was a lot happier (for the most part) to be photographed in the comfort and warmth of her own home. And Julissa & Scott had a variety of outfits and backgrounds prepared for her.

Plus Scott, Jen and Julissa were all great reflector-holders.

I couldn't decide which of these two pictures i liked better; i always have a tough time deciding between black and white and color. I just like color.

Probably a good thing you can't see her face here, she wasn't too happy.

This is Scott and Julissa's little neice, i think. I was testing my camera settings and the light, but she kept making cute faces. Oh, and don't forget that you can see the rest of the pictures from this shoot on my website at

These last three are probably my favorites. The bottom one looks like she's belting out some opera. And no, she's not screaming, she's yawning. And it's funny, because i got a lot of cute pictures of her yawning, and more often than not, when i look at them, i have to yawn.


princess jen said...

Kaia Avi is such a sweet little baby. And you did a great job photographing her!
I also like the one of Kian with the bubbles.

Mythreesons said...

I love the one with the bubbles! Kian is so freking photogenic. All the pictures of him look amazing... he looks like he should be a gap model. And your Kaia pictures turned out darling. I especially liked the second to last one. Your portraits are getting good!

Sara & Company said...

Those are awesome! The sweet girl with the glasses in her mouth is just perfect!

The Andersens said...

such cute pictures! i LOVE the last one where she is yawning. so cute. and the little blonde cutie with the glasses is adorable!! very candid.

Carlee Hoopes said...

I am Emily's cousin-in-law and she told me to contact you about doing some family pictures. My family is in desperate need of some pictures and we really want to do an outdoorsy scene for spring. We really like the non-traditional/candid poses, you know? Just to kind of show our personalities and we like the fun angles and stuff like that. Is there any way you could give us some prices that I can relate to my family? There are 12 adults and 9 kids and I'm assuming we would want some big group photos and then each individual family would probably want some taken as well. Anyway, any information you could give me would be great. You can contact me at Thanks!

(By the way, we live up near Ogden. Do you even travel up that far?)