Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kira & Zac in Salt Lake City

My cousin, Kira, is getting married this week and i'll be flying out to Vancouver on Wednesday to scout out some bridal locations and shoot the wedding. i'm actually pretty excited, because although the bridals will be a little last minute, the Portland Temple, where they're getting married, looks like it should be a beautiful location for pictures. While i've never been there before, i should have some time in the days before to scout it out. I'm hoping i'll be able to get some wedding pics posted here in a week or two. i just checked the weather, and it looks good, might even be cloudy, which would be really nice!
I've been getting some of Kira's pictures ready for her wedding and reception and all that and so i thought i'd post some more of them while i was at it. These pictures were shot in a cool little park just east of the Church Office Building in Salt Lake City, Brigham Young Historic Park. When it's open, it's typically fairly empty and i think it's a great place for pictures. As a matter-of-fact, Jennifer and i had some of our engagements taken here by our good friend Tara Barber.
i just saw a preview for the new Mr. Bean movie: Mr. Bean's Holiday (how does he get his leg so high?), looks like it opens Aug. 24. I know that doesn't have anything to do with these pictures, but still, i can't wait. Mr. Bean cracks me up.
So i sometimes like to toy with the color on photos to change these up a little bit and give the picture a different mood - perhaps more playful or alternative. But then i can never decide which one i like better. What do you think? Which do you like better, and what's the mood the different styles creates for you?
Anyway... i tried to shoot here a few times on earlier, but it was always closed (for the winter). It's a fun little location, don't ya think? These next pictures were taken right across the street from the Brigham Young Park, in Memory Grove. Actually, i can never remember if it's Memory Grove or City Creek Park. I thought it was City Creek in here, and turned into Memory Grove further up the canyon - i still need to shoot up there sometime.
I really like these next three, but once again, i couldn't decide which i like better.
This next group of pictures were taken out at La Caille. i'd never been there before and we weren't really sure if they'd mind us going up there, uninvited and all, and shooting some pictures. But it was fairly early in the day, and the only people we saw were the groundskeepers, and they kept apologizing to us for getting in the way. I've actually always wanted to eat here, but after looking over their menu (of course they don't list the prices) i'd have to say the rumours of how the waitreeses are dressed will still be my main reason for wanting to go. Maybe i could just get Jen a french maid outfit...
Well, there you have it. Hopefully you're not tired of my pictures yet. By the way, does Blogger's picture posting drive anyone else freaking crazy?! I tried this post in Edit Html and used tables instead. But while you're editing and previewing it still looks all screwed up. Hopefully it looks right.


Super Daysh said...

Look sooooo good. Again, just impressed at what you can do. The angles you get are so neat! I love the one at the park where the grass is in focus and they are blurry in the background. I also love the view from behind when you get them holding hands in the center of the frame and then half of each on the sides. That sounds confusing, but made sense in my head. So cool. Can I get married again and you do all my pictures? My photographer sucked!!!!!!

Alan J said...

That's what Jen keeps asking!

Sara & Company said...

What a lucky couple to get so many great pictures done at so many locations. There are so many great portfolio ones.

Mythreesons said...

I loved those last two locations... they were such great backdrops. It's nice to have so many cool places to shoot in SLC--we'll have to go to one of them next time we do family pictures. I also especially loved the ones at the park with the different grasses.

Toshander said...

i LOVE the ones where they're walking away on the path, and the trees are sort of blurry. SO SO beautiful.
some of those pictures look so amazing! wow!
even if zac has a funny face, haha, they are a pretty cute couple.
the pictures are amazing alan!
sometimes i totally feel the same way as Dacia...where i sometimes regret you didn't take all my pictures. :(
oh well!