Monday, August 13, 2007

Kira & Zac at the Great Salt Lake

Alright, until the wedding this should be my last post of Kira and Zac's engagements photos. granted, they're such a cute couple i don't know how anyone could be tired of them.
We took these pictures on a very windy evening out at the Great Salt Lake on the dry lake behind behind Salt Air. We didn't get to shoot for that long because it was already pretty late by the time we got there. But even if it had been earlier, it was so windy we wouldn't have stayed that long anyway.

It was actually kind of funny, because the last time i shot at the Salt Lake it was SUPER buggy! If you've ever been around the Salt Lake this time of year you know what i mean, if you haven't, you're just better off not knowing. I went biking on Antelope Island once with some friends, and i can't even begin to explain to you how miserable it was. No exaggeration here, if i had to picture hell on earth, that would've been it.

Anyway, on the way to the lake, or once there, i remarked that with the strong wind at least the bugs wouldn't be bothering us. As usual, i was wrong. Granted, they couldn't hover and swarm us, but the wind was just blowing them into us. It was like a horizontal bug rain. We were constantly getting pelted with bugs. Kira and Zac absolutely hated it, but were real patient anyway.

And then of course we had to walk through the weird salt mud to get out to the lake; nobody seemed to appreciate that. Well, maybe Anya did - she, Jen and Aaron came out to the lake too. But at least no one was buzzing us in an ultralite (parachute with a motor). Last time i shot there someone kept flying really close to us and the wash from his motor would mess up the bride's hair. But we had fun anyway, right Kira? Kira...? Hmmm... maybe not.

I know a lot of these sunset pictures are really similar, but i couldn't decide which one i liked best. Sorry. BTW - i posted completely from Edit Html, and didn't have any problems with the pictures. I'm not sure if it was the fact that i chose None for the formatting on the picture, or that i never switched over to Compose, which apparently messes stuff up.


Super Daysh said...

Cool, cool cool! Like I said before-Your pictures are just awesome. I wish you were this good when you took my engagements...maybe they would've turned out. Oh wait, that was my fault. I guess there is only so much you can do with bad models. :(

Alan J said...

What're ya tryin' to say? They didn't turn out, that i suck? I tell ya.

Mythreesons said...

Those look so good. I really do like that silvery blue thingy. I found a website where you buy "effects" for PSE and there's all these one button effects you can apply to pictures. It was pretty cool.

Kate Benson said...

Sweet photographs! I love the first ones you've done (her looking at you and him looking at her) very nice. BTW, thanks for linking me on your site!

Kate Benson said...

Wait, she's looking away too, I like the vertical one best.

Alan J said...

Holy Cow! i can't believe Kate Benson commented on my site, and said she liked some of my pics. Wow! Thank you! If you can't tell, i think Kate is awesome!

Toshander said...

those silouette pictures are so freaking cool!!! you are so amazingly talented!!
and achem...i believe Topher and I are an even CUTER couple. hehe. and we were always on time. :) hehe
some of those edits are way cool too!