Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Truth is Out There...

Alright, i guess i should finally post the truth, eh? I was waiting for Alysia and Topher to post, but i see where i fit into their blog-checking priorities. By the way, you should be humming or otherwise singing the x-files theme right now, i am.
  1. I fell asleep at an Alanniss concert while on a date. Unfortunately, this is true. I don't think my date was very impressed, but i think she should have been. If i can fall asleep in the noisy Delta Center, then i can fall asleep anywhere. And i really can, ask Jen. She's always trying to talk to me at night and i'm falling asleep. i used to fall asleep during my buddy's drum lessons! And i was sitting right next to him in a small room. Oi!
  2. I'm a Ute fan. i don't feel being a Ute fan and Cougar fan have to be exclusive. I went to the Y and i went to the U, i like both their teams, and cheer for them whenever they play. I typically don't know who to cheer for when they play eachother, and there have been many years where i wanted the Utes to win simply because it would mean an undefeated season, or they were just having a better year - but deep down, i still root for the Y. It's probably a result of having grown up outside of Utah in the Church and going to the church-house to watch Y games on satellite. But there ya have it, i like 'em both.
  3. Came face to face with a cougar and two cubs while mtn biking. Yep, back when we lived in California my parents wouldn't ever give me a ride anywhere and i had heard of a trail that was quite a ways away. So i hopped on my bike and rode it about an hour to the trailhead. Got on the trail and came around the first turn and there, in the middle of the trail was a cougar with two baby cubs. i couldn't believe it! She was just standing there, no more than 10-15 yards aways, so i got off my bike, put it between us, and took a drink from my water bottle. As a i looked up, i saw her take off into the bushes. Since it took me so long to get out there, there was no way i was heading back without the ride, so i waited a few minutes, went back a little ways to gain some spead and hauled past there. i heard some rustling in the bushes and didn't look back. It was a fun ride!
  4. I nearly drowned in a flash flood. Back when i lived in Missouri, me and my buddies loved to play army in the woods surrounding our houses. One rainy afternoon we headed out and found that one of the little ditches/gulches we loved to play in was a raging little river (more like a raging creek). Anyway, we started playing in it, and came to some places that were like water slides, I slid down one of these mud slides into a big pool and my foot got stuck or something, but i remember i couldn't get back up to the surface; then my buddy grabbed me, pulled me up and we went on our merry way playing in the water.
  5. When i got back from my mission, a Jehovah's Witness i had met in Russia started writing me some seriously affectionate letters. I'd gotten along well with her, and thought she was attractive (although, if i remember correctly, she was 30!), and had actually looked forward to heading back to Russia to meet up with her again. Then i met Jen.
  6. I won first place in my first half marathon. My first half marathon was in Kiaserslautern, Germnay. i trained by riding my bike a lot, and don't remember if i even even bothered running. Anyway, i ran it and got first place. Granted, i was the only person running in my age group, but hey, i got a cool little trophy and some other prize.
  7. One of my photos won something in a photo contest. Ironically enough, i have never submitted one of my photos into a contest. i need to see if it's too late to submit anything for the state fair. But i can never choose which one i like best!

There you have it, now you know even more than you ever wanted to know about me! Thanks for playing.


Toshander said...

i won! i won! well sort of...i guessed your lie...but i guessed it for the wrong reason. i thought that you won first place or something like that. :(
see how much faith i have in your ability?!!!
that is so funny you fell asleep on a a concert no less!! and i had no idea about the flash flood...
and i'm quite impressed about the half marathon. :)
you are too in my priorities of checking your blog!! but i've been sick/throwing-up/working/out of town for the past what feels like forever!!

princess jen said...

Good job my honey! I miss you very very very much. And so do your children. Sheila better pay you well!! And Kira better be super grateful. Have fun at the wedding and know that we are thinking of you.

Super Daysh said...

I was off. At least yours was a blatant lie and not a half lie. Silly alan head.

b3tandwr said...

Who new you were a Ute fan? Probably every one but myself. I know I remember you cheering for BYU at a football watching game get together at our house! Thanks for all your comments. We will take you somewhere fun anytime! See you all soon. Have fun in OR. BTW-- this last batch of Engagement photos are really great. I have some favs I will tell you at the BBQ.