Saturday, June 21, 2008

Daniel & Amanda Engagements (Part 2)

We took these pictures of Daniel and Amanda by the trailhead for Hidden Falls in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The trailhead is on what i believe must be the north east part of the S-curve. The hike to the falls is actually only .3 miles (a very, very short .3 miles). But to really get over to the falls you either have to plan on getting wet feet and shoes or balancing your way across a log which you'll see later in the shoot.

Daniel & Amanda weren't up for the wet feet (seeing as we still had one more stop), so we settled for the pictures right here. Jen and i did end up hiking to the falls a few days agp and it is really pretty. I'm sure one of us will post some pics from that hike sometime soon. I definitely need to go back with my tripod and good light.

Hey look, it's the log! Obviously, i wasn't up for balancing my way across the log, so when Jen and I hiked it with the fam (& Niki's fam) i decided to give my supposedly waterproof socks one more try. Once again, as well as they may have kept my fee warmer, they defintely didn't keep them dryer. So we'll if the next pair i exchanged them for work any better on this upcoming Subway hike.

On to Wheeler Farm! What a cool place.

This is a pretty cool tree, but we kind of annoyed all the kids who wanted to play on it while we were taking pictures.

This is my attempt at a Direct Positive exposure feel - what do you think? Once again, thanks for stopping by. Feel free to let me know what you think of the pictures and i hope you enjoyed them. Thanks!


Rachel H. said...

What great shots! I love the one of them by the wood building. LOOKS AWESOME!

And the one where they are blurry and you focused on the greenery. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Such talent! Seriously. I feel SO inadequate surfing through your pics....

princess jen said...

I like these ones even more!! You are amazing. I can't wait to see what you come up with on our trip. (And I know that I'll be waiting while you take the pictures!)

The Andersens said...

i love the pic of them through the leaves!! as usual, i love your edits too!
awesome pictures! they're wedding should be really neat!!