Wednesday, January 2, 2008

(Mom & Dad)2

In-laws everywhere! We have been super fortunate the past couple of weeks to have Jennifer's in-laws in town from Anchorage, Alaska. They only recently returned from living in Germany over the past couple of years and that coupled with them living in Alaska again means we don't get to see them very often. And i'm not the kind of son-in-law to think that's good. Well, actually, i probably am, but they're not the kind of parents-in-law where i could think that. There's just too great!

And i'm not just saying that because my dad2 could squish me like a tiny bug.

Naturally, i was honored when they asked if i'd take a few pictures. Actually, i don't even remember if they asked (although i'm sure they would have). I think Jennifer just told me i better get to it - i guess she thinks she can tell me what to do after having spent untold sums on camera equipment (isn't she great!).

Of course, i never mind shooting in my "studio" because i need and enjoy the practice/experience, and i get to wear a warm jacket and gloves - unlike my freezing clients. For some reason no one wants to shoot in there when it's warm.

We've had tons of fun with them while they've been in town and of course they've spoiled us and our kids rotten with their typical genorosity (btw, the term "genoristy" does not do them justice). Needless to say Jennifer and i are already trying to figure out when we can cash in our recently acquired sky miles to go up and visit them. But the figuring is actually harder than it sounds; and that's not counting actually working the mysterious airline mile math required to fly anywhere using them. The real difficulty lies in deciding when to go.

The summer offers near endless days full of fishing, four-wheeling, hiking, sight-seeing... you name it. But the winter offers skiing, which although i can probably do better here, i can't see the ocean from any Utah resorts. Then there's the Northern Lights which i really, really want to see, and of course, snow-machining. Anyway, something tells me the decision will actually be easier than i think - as soon as we have the necessary miles, we'll go. i doubt we have sufficient patience to be able to wait.

Oh, in case you're wondering why i continue to refer to my spouse as Jennifer instead of Jen, it's because her dad usually threatens me if i call her anything but the name he gave her (never mind that he goes by 'Fred' and calls his wife 'Barb').

Anyway, if you can't tell, i think my in-laws are great. I'm not just happy when they come for how happy it makes Jennifer, but for how happy it makes Anya and Aaron and even me!


princess jen said...

yay! I love my mommy and daddy too. And I know they love you very evidenced by all the hugs and kisses you get from them.

Mythreesons said...

What! They get their pictures posted before mine!!! Lame, lame, lame! You took mine over a month ago. Whatever they're in-laws... just because you're terrified of Fred (and Jen for that matter...) you better post mine, too, now! But those are really great pictures... they turned out really nice. But, they might be more genorous if you learned to spell generous correctly... and where's your studio? Garage? The pics look really good... I think you did a really good job capturing their personalities.

Alan J said...

It's too bad Emily is so mean to me. Now who knows when i'll get around to posting yours. Well, actually i shouldn't say that. I actually uploaded the pics last night, all the need is a blog post, but suddenly my motivation is gone... And you know, i actually ran a spell check on this post last night, what happened? Geesh!

Super Daysh said...

You two are funny. I enjoyed your post--good pics of Jen's "rents".

Toshander said...

i completely agree. JenNifer's parent's are awesome. I don't think I've ever met any couple that manages to make you feel like family within 5 seconds of meeting them. they are wonderful. and there were some really good pictures of them in there. they're a cute couple. fun fun.