Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Tag

1. Favorite tradition: Without a doubt, my favorite Christmas-time tradition is setting our shoes out for St. Nicholaus. But i also enjoyed caroling back in the day when we had all the parts covered. I really like singing Christmas songs.

2. Least favorite tradition: I'd have to say that my least favorite tradition is ragging on Santa Claus. But granted, that's not my tradition, it's other peoples'. As much as i like caroling, sometimes i don't feel like going, so then it's also my least favorite tradition.

3. Favorite holiday treat: i don't know... i typically enjoy Christmas cookies, but only if they're soft. I always enjoy turkey, of course. But i'd have to say my favorite is probably hot chocolate, or eggnog... Oh, or this really good Apple Cider that we get through the Co-op, but hopefully that won't be limited to just the holidays.

4. Favorite holiday meal: i don't remember this being a tradition, except for turkey. i enjoy a mini-Thanksgiving meal for Christmas.

5. Favorite decoration: When it can be kept safe from little mischievous hands, i love setting up my "Christmas" train. Granted, it's not very Christmasy, but that's my favorite thing to put out. That and stockings.

6. Most memorable Christmas: i don't know. None of them really stick out for me.

7. Most missed tradition: i remember back when i was a kid Santa would always have extra presents for us that he forgotten that he would leave on the night of the 25th. i think he only did it a couple of times, and then maybe he realized it wasn't a very good idea. But that was always a lot of fun.


princess jen said...

Thank you for doing my are the BEST! I love that last picture of Aaron too. Thanks for working so hard on all the pictures.

Mythreesons said...

Your pictures are awesome, Alan! I loved all of them. ANd another post, so soon... that was fun!

Sara & Company said...

What an incredible way to remember Christmas. Your pictures catch the essence and feeling of Christmas and are amazing!

Lady of the Rings said...

What awesome pictures, Alan. And what cute kids... those arem MY grandkids, so I am busting my buttons on how darling they are, and what a marvellous photographer you are.
The leftover christmaw gifts... was because it would have just been too much for Christmas morning, but when we caught ourselves buying for the 26th... we knew we were in trouble. Besides it got in the way of after Christmas shopping. I am glad you liked it.

Toshander said...

your pics are really really cool. you have to teach toph and i how to use our new digital slr that we bought for christmas. topher pretty much ALWAYS has the camera attached to his face and takes 10 pics of the same thing on every setting possible. haha. we can never amount to your skilled prowess of the digital slr of course....but we could at least learn how to use some of the cool features!
i love the picture of the train and the black and white pic of aaron towards the end. you are oh so talented. its crazy.

Super Daysh said...

Such cute pictures! You are such a great photographer. I love looking at your stuff and am glad that you spaced your blog out with pictures inbetween them all. I love reading stuff, but love looking at the pictures more...go figure!

Kari said...

You know Santa left a present out the night of the 25th. It wasn't a tradition, it was more, "Santa forgot one."