Friday, January 4, 2008

...In With the New!

Actually, these aren't new pictures either, but lest Emily burst a blood vessel i thought it would be best to get these posted. Granted, they're probably still not the ones she wanted, but those really aren't done yet.

These pictures were all taken the week before Thanksgiving while we were staying in St. George.

I think my entire immediate family stopped by for a pre-Thanksgiving Feast. On one of the evenings we managed to head out to Snow Canyon State Park.

Of course, thanks to a variety of circumstances, some of them undoubtedly my fault, we tried to go a couple of times, but it always ended up being too late. This was the case here too, it was really much too late for any good pictures, and rather expsensive for the short amount of time we spent there (stupid Utah state parks only give you one day admission at a time - i love how National Parks are better, yet cheaper, makes tons of sense).

But i managed to get some shots of the kids playing in the dunes, they, of course, had a blast.

Even though, if i recall correctly some of them started to whine about it being "cold." I tell ya, live in Vegas for a few years and suddenly 60 degrees is cold - and this after they lived in Colorado for a winter! Oh well.

Anyway, in case you didn't know, i love St. George. Oh, and i also love the various subjects of these photographs; ya know, my wife, my kids, my nephews...


Sara & Company said...

I want to play too! Those look great!

Mythreesons said...

oooooh! I love them! Those kid shots are really cute. Especially the Caden ones... he's so stinkin' cute! Thanks Alan!

Toshander said...

i tell you every time you post something new...but i have to say it are amazing. i am so awed by your pictures. they're so beautiful. i loved the one of just the sand. and i loved the close ups of the kids, esp. aaron and caden and anya. so adorable. you're amazing.