Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thank You Cards

After completing my 30-day job detail and 5-day job shadow in my headquarters office i wanted to send thank you cards to the various people i worked with while there. The pictures show the front picture, the inside picture, and the picture on the back of the card.
This first card shows various images of Havasu Falls in Havasu Canyon.

I really wanted to make the thank you cards a little more personal and decided to try and use my own pictures for the cards. After browsing around for a bit, i think it was Jen who finally told me i could do the cards online with Costco.
This card shows Falls Creek Falls from Swan Valley, Idaho on the front. On the inside and back are some photos from American Fork Canyon it Utah.

So i spent a few days going through pictures, editing them, and gettig them ready for the cards. You have to get them in sets of 10, so i didn't use all the pictures i wanted to, but because you can put pictures on the front, inside and back, it still ended up working out pretty well. Or at least i thought so.
This card shows a picture of the Subway on the front, and then some photos from Zion National Park on the inside and back.

Some of these pictures had actually never been edited. The pictures from Bryce Canyon, for instance, were my first photo trip with my new camera. That had to have been at least two years ago, and i just barely got around to going through them. Yep, i'm a slacker.
The front photo is Navajo Falls, on the inside are Havasu Falls, Beaver Falls, and Havasu Falls again. All from Havasu Canyon in Arizona.

I actually have quite a few more pictures that are ready to be made into cards, and of course i have quite a few more that i haven't gotten around to looking at yet that could also probably be made into cards (the grand canyon, etc.).
This is Mesa Arch from Canyonlands National Park's Island in the Sky District outside of Moab, Utah. On the inside are some more pictures from Canyonlands National Park of Green River Overlook and Mesa Arch. On the back is Dead Horse Point State Park, also outside of Moab, Utah.

Anyway, if anyone would like some 5x7 folded greeting cards please let me know. They come with envelopes and you can have your return address printed on the envelopes if you want. You can also opt for different text on the back (can't get rid of Costco logo though), no text on back, and no pictures on back or inside. A set of 7 different cards mailed to you is $15. A set of 10 of the same card mailed to you is also $15. I think if you want more than one set it'll probably be a little more shipping.
These pictures are all of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.

Other than wedding photos, these are the first photos i've ever attempted to sell, so my pricing is very preliminary. If you are interested, not that anyone will be, i'd get them now before i realize that i'm not charging enough to cover my costs.
These pictures are of Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons outside of Page, Arizona.


Joe said...

All the pictures are outstanding. I like the selection you grouped each of them with.

Just one thing I personally would do, might sound irrelevant but you never know who out there on the web will come and claim artwork for themselves. I'd suggest a watermark for even these blog versions.

Super Daysh said...

Love your cards, even though you put the wrong blog address on there. Have you ever heard of proofing? Ya, me neither. They look awesome though!

Bug said...

those certainly do look awesome. but that's not really a surprise there.
you're uber talented.

princess jen said...

The cards turned out quite nicely. Good job with the editing, etc. You are very talented. Anya is excited for to be your assistant and for you to do her wedding photos.

Kari said...

I love the cards. They are wonderful! Good job on them!

Rachel's Mommy said...

These look great--there's nothing better than personalized thank-you's.

Sara and Company said...

What a great idea! And so fun to have them in a collage. Very nice!

Moosie said...

Hey Alan,
Cool cards - I want to order 2 packs of the 7 different cards - how do I go about ordering them?