Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hair Cuts

Does anyone even still check this blog? No? Can't say that i blame you. Anyway, i thought i'd post some pics i took of my hot wife after her recent hair cut.

I don't know what it is, if it's a guy-thing in general, or just a me-thing. But i am not in favor of haircuts.

It's not that i'm opposed to short hair, i guess i'm just opposed to change. Fortunately, for me i guess, Jen didn't get her hair cut near as short as i thought she would. And of course she's still super hot!

Yes, i know, i'm lucky.

I should probably point out that Jen does not think her hair is as red as it may look in these pictures. Of course i have no idea.

i also know i'm very behind on pictures, and i apologize. (Please note i did NOT say i'm a very big behind, although that could be true too...). I do still hope to get the pictures up from this past summer, etc... one day.

Of course Aaron wanted to get it on the photo action as well.


princess jen said...

Thank you for all those sweet things you said about me! I love the photos you took and my new haircut looks fabulous!

Kari said...

Jen! You look good! Very nice haircut. What happened to Aaron's eye?

Alan, I will wait with baited breath for those other pictures.

Super Daysh said...

Yes, yes indeed. You are VERY lucky to have such a hot, sweet, thoughful wife. Don't you EVER forget it. :) The pictures turned out very cute, but it's not hard when you are working with a cute model. :) Oh, and I'm not sure that I agree about the "behind" thing...I think you may be a big behind, but, I love you anyways. :)

Bug said...

great pictures. jen really looks so beautiful in all of them, her new haircut looks so good.
she really is such a sweet little wife. you are very lucky to have her. i'm glad you took some cute pics of her.
and those last pictures of aaron also are really really cute. he's such a doll....i could almost say literally...since he DOES like to dress up as snow white after all

Rachel's Mommy said...

You're only as good as your subject, which is why these pix rock. I think the haircut is awesome. Your dad has a thing for long hair too--I'd say that's a Johnson thing, but I think it's more a guy thing. At any rate, Jen's hair is still long enough for a pony tail--albeit a really itty bitty one! Thanks for the posts, since we've been waiting since SEPTEMBER!!!