Monday, March 31, 2008

The Rutherford Fam

These are the various members of the Rutherford family at Vivian Park just past Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.

i had seen some cool pictures of a train car on another photographer's site (Kate Benson) and inquired where they were taken and Kate, the photographer, was nice enough to tell me. Granted, i think she may be tired of my questions now. But i think a lot of being a "good" photographer is knowing where those good spots are.

I have known Kari for quite some time - since i was a junior and maybe even part of my sophomore year in high school in Irvine, Ca. So that must have been the 1993-1995 time frame or something. That may not seem like a long time to know someone for most people, but for us army brats that's a long time to stay in touch with someone. Now that i think of it, she's probably my second longest friend. (That sounds like something one torturer would say to another during the height of the Inquisition). Sure there are lots of people i've known for longer, but none really other than one that i still keep in regular touch with. So thanks for being such a good and long-lasting friend Kari!

So those of you who know Kari very well (which would probably be no one who is reading my blog) might be wondering how i met Kari in Irvine, CA if she was living in Orem. Well, i'll tell you, even though you probably already know - but hey, wouldn't it be boring to just have all these pictures and no text? No? Oh, well - too bad.

Sometime during my Sophomore year i think i met and started dating Jenna Olson from Valencia, CA. I met her at a Church dance somewhere - they were a big deal back then, i think my friends and i went to a church dance every week, and they were HUGE! i was about to give you the whole story, but then i realized i could be held liable for the drool-damage to your keyboard. Suffice it to say that Kari is Jenna's cousin. When i moved to Utah from California, Kari was kind enough to let me road trip with her back to see Jenna. I still remember that road trip, it was pretty fun - and i think it may have been one of my first road trips with a friend vs. family.

Anyway, fun road trip and all that it was, i believe in some way it may have been the beginning of the end of my relationship with Jenna. i'm still not 100% sure how or why, but i'm pretty sure that any girl that reads this will shake their head at me for how obvious it must have been. I'm sure it was my fault and i still kick myself to this day - no wait, that's Jen kicking me. Ow, stop it.

We took these pics the day before Easter, and i had hoped it would be a nice warm day, but of course it wasn't. It was plenty sunny - really too sunny for the pictures i wanted to take, but it was really cold. It was kind of tough to take family pictures because the kids didn't want to take off their coats, which was quite understandable, there was no way i was taking mine off. And even with coats on, some of them just weren't too excited to be there. (That's why there are no solo pictures of the front of Elijah).

Although Elijah wasn't too enthusiastic about pictures in the cold, as you can see, Ally was a trooper! She even took her coat off for a few pics! Even with little smudges on her cheeks from keeping herself amused she was super cute and photogenic.

If you would like to see more of the pictures from this shoot please visit my website here. Oh, and i'd be remiss if i didn't mention my wonderful assistant for that day: my wonderful wife. She volunteered to accompany and assist me for the afternoon and was invaluable. She had lots of picture ideas and was a great reflector holder.


princess jen said...

Honey! You never cease to amaze me with your talent and ability. I would love to have pictures like this of our family. Hence, Kate will be doing family portraits of us in 2 years(!) I bet Kari will be thrilled as well.

love you lots and lots and I'm glad that we're a team!

PS You were supposed to credit me for being such a wonderful assistant and giving you great shot ideas!

Alan J said...

Uh, duh - i did... Well before that comment of course.

Kari said...

Wow Alan, I am amazed. I have such a tough time getting good pictures of Ally and you took several!!! I think you are going to have to take her pictures from now on. Thank you!!! This is better than I imagined!

Super Daysh said...

Alan!!! Those look SO awesome! All of them! You are seriously getting SO DANG GOOD!! I want to have mine and Joe's family pictures taken there (yes are pathetic little family that consists of two people....oh well). Those looks so good! I love the ones with the train tracks at eye level -such a creative shot! Way to go!!!

Mythreesons said...

Having seen your proofs, these turned out much better than I had anticipated. Some of these looked great and Alli really was very photogenic. I especially liked the one of kari and her husband(?) that's on the angle...that's a great angle.

Jenna said...

You really do take great pictures! I'm impressed... Oh, and it was our Junior year... (: I'm glad you found Jen, though...(great name by the way!)...she really is fantastic from what I can see. You should be proud of yourself for turning out so good (Jen...I'm sure you get a lot of credit for that!). (: Take care!