Tuesday, June 22, 2010

As Promised...

"Where have i been?" you ask. Where have i NOT been. Wait for it... Yep, here's my oft-repeated quote: "i know it's been a while since my last post, BUT..." Seriously, i have been everywhere but home, it seems, these past few weeks. Here's a brief recap...
  • May 14-16 - Work (keep in mind, this means leaving the house at 5:40am and getting home, after working out, at 9:40pm
  • May 17 - depart for Portland for a wedding shoot
  • May 17-21 - in Portland for wedding
  • May 21 - Go straight from airport to work
  • May 21-24 - Work
  • May 24 - Go straight from work to airport
  • May 25-June 4 - Alaska to visit Jen and kids (and Denali!)
  • June 4 - Go straight from airport to work (again)
  • June 4-5 - Work
  • June 6 - Jen & kids return home, unpack from Alaska, pack for next trip
  • June 7 - depart for Big Bear Lake reunion with my dad and sisters
  • June 7-14 - Big Bear Lake reunion in California
  • June 15-17 - Work
  • June 18-20 - Visit Mom & Sam (& Max) up in Idaho Falls
  • June 21 - Afternoon at Dad's in Eagle Mountain for Father's Day/Bday dinner
  • June 22 - Jen & kids accompany Mom to visit sister in Vegas
  • June 22-24 - Work Phew! Tired yet? I sure am! But hopefully my blog absence is a little more justified now (although no more cared about). But lest another month go by without a post, i thought i would deliver on my promise to show the difference between a polarized and a non-polarized image. And of course i wanted to make an excuse for my lack of posts (again). But i'm home now (for a little bit) and once i finish the wedding pictures i'm currently working on for Scott and Christi (yes, i am working on them) i'll try and get some more blog posts up.

    This first picture was taken WITHOUT a polarizer on the lens. Well, actually, the polarizer WAS on the lens, but it was rotated to eliminate it's effect. Notice how there's very little color saturation and notice how strong the reflection is in the pond. When the polarizer is rotated like this, it allows and possibly slightly increases reflections.

    And here's the picture with the polarizer ON and rotated to eliminate/reduce the reflections. Seriously, that's all that was done, i didn't go in on the computer afterwards and increase the color saturation. The only difference between these two pictures is one had the polarizing filter rotated to permit/increase reflections, and the other rotated to eliminate/decrease reflections. And since the polarizer reduces the amount of light passing through, the polarized image is also one or two-thirds stops brighter. I know, boring, but now you know (and still don't care). Hopefully i'll have more for you later!

    princess jen said...

    I KNEW you more excited for Denali than to see me... ;) Even though we've been gone non stop it's still been super fun! I like seeing the difference between the two photos. I can't wait for the next tutorial!

    Super Daysh said...

    you think YOU'RE busy! Ya, whatever. Okay, fine. You've been busy. I guess I can't consider myself busy (even though i did all those trips except for Alaska, but instead I did South Dakota- does that count?) since I don't have to wake up at 5:40 and go to work. Oh, and I don't feel bad for you getting home so late- no one makes you work out. :)

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