Monday, November 5, 2007

American Fork Part Two

Naturally, i wouldn't be myself if i hadn't taken these pictures quite a while ago and then taken forever to touch them up and post them.

In my defence though, i've been busy working on our closet and my sister just got her proofs back from her photographer after over TWO months. I don't think it's been that long quite yet.

If you can't tell, i LOVE waterfalls. I love water in general, it's so fun to photograph. Got a stupid waterspot on my lens on one of these shots though. Took forever to get it off, hopefully you can't tell which photo and where the spot was. Granted, now you'll analyze every pic and find all sorts of stuff wrong with them.

Dacia and Joe showed up for a little while, but had to leave fairly quickly for Joe's family pictures (which, of course, he did NOT ask me to take - something to do with me wrecking his dirt bikes all the time).

Okay, before you get started, no, i do not like Dad, and Karen more than everyone else. It's just that little kids tend to be a pain to photograph, especially with longer exposures like these (to blur the water fall). So i posted a bunch so they could just pick which picture of Rachel they liked best.

Alysia and Topher also showed up (like two hours late!). They, of course, wanted a ton of pictures. I say "they", but really it was Alysia. But that's okay, i lover her and at least she knows what she wants. Alysia, don't worry, there are more pictures of you.

Alysia really wanted this pregnancy picture. Or at least i think she did. Can you tell she's preggers? Yeah, me neither.

Of course Jen didn't like any of these. She never likes the family pics i take. I believe it's a conspiracy so she can go to a "professional" studio. I think it has something to do with the fact that i always say i'll take Aaron or Anya's x month portraits and then never get around to it, but still never let her go to a studio. Doh! i like them! i think i have a super cute family (except me, of course).

This is one of Karen's friends. She probably thought i forget or that i was a slacker. Well, i guess she was right on at least one count.

My son, the future dentist.
Also, don't forget that none of these pictures are suitable for printing. These are internet quality pictures, if you try to print them they will look awful, and it won't be my fault. It will be yours because you never visit me so i can actually give you print quality pictures and because you didn't listen (cause you tried to print them, remember).
Oh, and keep reading, the post below is new too!


princess jen said...

What a good job with the pictures. Of course our family pictures would look much better without me in them! Maybe someday I'll be happy. In the meantime, I'm excited to pick some photos to enlarge for our beautiful new downstairs!!

Taylor said...

Alan. I am impressed by your photography. and I totally dig that you like to take pictures out at the great salt lake.

Mythreesons said...

HA! Alysia's preggers photo is a hoot... you should totally edit it to give her a big fat belly! I like that spot, too. You're still on for pics of my family next week, right? Bring all your stuff... it's going to be a long, long, long, long, process...

Super Daysh said...

I love the pictures! The kissing one rocks. I like the one where you can't see my orange socks. ;-) Someday...if Joe and I ever break our vow of "no children" will you take a cute picture of us with me all preggers and stuff (except I will actually look preggers, not just like I had a big dinner)? tee hee hee.

Alan J said...

Oh, and if you don't comment, you won't get any pics either. So, there!