Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Big Al's ABCs

Normally i wouldn't start a tag like this. I'd wait for someone else to do one, and then patiently wait to get tagged so i didn't appear too girly. Ya know, "alright fine, i'll do this stupid tag, but only because i have to..."
Actually, i'm just kidding, cause, uh, one of my other blog friends tagged me, so, you know, i really didn't have a choice...
But i decided this was a great opportunity to not tag Emily.
  • A - Attached or Single: Most assuredly attached, my wife, Jennifer, and children will attest to that.
  • B - Best Friend: aren't we a little old for that? This just singles one person out so your other friends can be sad it's not them. i like to think all my friends are best friends. Yeah, i know, that's a bunch of bull, but i'm not talking. Besides my bff is Jen!
  • C - Cake or Pie: Oh, that's a tough one. It depends, if there's vanilla ice cream involved, definitely pie.
  • D - Drink of Choice: No question: Izze. Harmons doesn't carry it anymore, but i think Albertsons does. I love those things. All natural juice with sparkling water added. You should definitely try it, they remind me of Germany.
  • E - Essential Item: Oi, i don't know. My computer, my camera, but the one thing i rarely leave home without, as sad as it is, is my phone. Granted, i don't think life would be very fun for me without my mountain bike.
  • F - Favorite Color: Forest Green, but i like just about any color found in the forest.
  • G - Gummi Bears or Worms: i love those sweet and sour worms sprinkled with sugar. I mean... no, i don't, i hate candy.
  • H - Hometown: Army Brat, i never know how to answer this question. I was born in Logan, Utah.
  • I – Indulgence(s): Ice cream and long hot showers.
  • J - January or July: Even though July is too hot, i prefer the summer months to the winter. It's much harder to mountain bike in the winter. Not that it made a difference this summer.
  • K - Kids: Two, and i think i'd like to keep it that way. But if Jen has anything to do with it (and unfortunately she does), it'll be at least three.
  • L - Life is incomplete without: nature: mountains, streams, alpine lakes, slot canyons, forests. Life is incomplete without the beauty and wonder found in nature. And even though it's always there, your life is incomplete unless yo ufind yourself there frequently.
  • M - Marriage Date: Can i remember... sometime in the winter of 2000, i was going to say January, but that's Anya's b-day. Yeah, i had to look it up, it's Feb. 26 - doh!
  • N - Number of Siblings: 3 younger sisters and 1 additional very young sister, plus a bunch of great in-laws!
  • O - Oranges or Apples: Apples, i like oranges too, but don't like peeling them.
  • P - Phobias/Fears: death; something bad happening to me or a member of my family.
  • Q - Favorite Quote: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
  • R - Reason to smile: life, health, safety, prosperity, family, beauty
  • S - Season: Fall or Spring, but in Utah they're both too short and wet. Spring is typically nice weather, but it's either raining or there's still snow or mud in the mountains which prohibits much biking, so Fall. PLus fall colors are so beautiful.
  • T- Tag Three: I tag Jen, Dacia, and Alysia (seeing as how the Bug hasn't blogged in over a month!) Basically, i tag anyone that isn't Emily (he he)!
  • U - Unknown Fact About Me: I don't like being dirty, even one grain of sand on my bed will drive my crazy. Dirty floors drive me crazy too. I have having crap stuck to my socks, which is why you'll rarely see my without my shoes on, even in the house.
  • V - Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: i wish i could be vegetarian, it seemed i was much healthier back then.
  • W - Worst Habit: biting fingernails.
  • X - X-rays or Ultrasounds: i don't know what this means. Yes, i know what an x-ray and an ultrasound are, but i don't know what this question is asking. It's probably for girls or something. So does that mean i shouldn't even be doing this?
  • Y - Your Favorite Foods: Mexican, lasagna, roladen (sp?) - it's a wonderful German dish that only a truely wonderful wife will prepare for you (it takes a while to make it).
  • Z- Zodiac: Cancer


princess jen said...

Yay! I'm your BFF! And I'm glad I finally get to see this blog entry seeing as I've been harassing you about it for forever now!

crowfamily said...

You can get your Izze drinks at Target. At least you can at our Target.

Toshander said...

i'm noticing a trend...about 75% of all your answers revolve around what's convenient for mountain wonder if that's alan's number one favorite hobby...hmm. i don't think it's girly that you did this blog! i think it's fun! it's fun for me to have an excuse to learn more about my big bro!! and we all know i'm your best friend! hehe...

Mythreesons said...

YOu're such a girl... doing a tag on your own. Just like your handwriting... Thanks for all your help over the last couple weekends! When do you and Jen want to come visit?

Alan J said...

You said you didn't want us to visit. So you tell us when.

Tricksy915 said...

Finally an explanation for roladen, or however you spell it. This means I should have just asked my husband though. I need to find out about that.